Sustainability Story

Why we’ve made a commitment to sustainability

As a company founded by riders, dog lovers and all-round outdoor enthusiasts, at Toggi we really care about the environment we live in. We understand that all businesses have an impact on the planet around us, but we want to ensure ours is as low as possible, and that we’re always looking for ways to become more sustainable.

There’s more focus than ever before about the negative impact of fast fashion on the planet and we wanted to make sure we’re doing things differently. That’s why we’ve developed and published our sustainability policy that sets out the steps we’re taking towards a greener future. In this blog we’re taking a closer look at the different areas we’re working on:

Our Fabrics

The creation of man-made fibres has made it possible for people to produce high volumes of clothing quickly and cheaply, but as well as being bad for the planet (there have now been traces of microplastics found at the bottom of the deepest seas and in our blood), it can mean poor quality too.

We use natural and sustainable fibres where we can, such as bamboo and cotton, and are utilising recycled polyester in our clothing and outerwear too. The down in our jackets and gilets is certified as ethical and totally traceable, so you can enjoy snug warmth without worrying if any birds were unduly harmed.

Our Manufacturing

Our products no longer have woven care and size labels, instead this information is printed in the garment itself. This not only means we need to use less man-made fabric which is used for that type of label, but means the clothing is much more comfortable for you to wear. Hands up who else hates a scratchy label at the back of their neck or on their hip?!

Our Packaging

This is another area where we are particularly proud of the changes we have made so far. We’ve reduced the packing we use overall, and all our clothing and accessories are now packaged in biodegradable poly bags with instructions on how to dispose of them safely.

The swing tickets, the ones showing the price and barcode etc, on our items are made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. The outer cardboard cartons we use are recycled, recyclable and reused whenever we can!

Our office

We have even extended our focus to include the office side of the business too, installing a new digital IT system designed to reduce our reliance on paper and printing. We’ve even taken steps to reduce our water wastage!

Our Recycling

Finally, we have worked hard to create a circular economy when it comes to our waste material. For example, the waste material from one of our factories is used in other products in neighbouring factory, so it’s used instead of simply being thrown away.

We know there’s a long way to go but we are so proud of the changes we have already made, creating high-quality products whilst working to protect the planet. We know our customers want to ensure that future generations can enjoy exploring the British countryside as we know it today for many years to come. They are conscious of the impact their purchases have on the planet, and we hope they are more likely to support companies that share their values.

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