Coming soon… the Toggi Autumn/Winter ‘23 collection!

It’s probably no secret that clothing and footwear brands are always planning months in advance to ensure new collections are ready to share well ahead of time. The first our customers might see of a new product or capsule collection is when we start sharing the details with you in our marketing campaigns with beautifully shot images and carefully crafted descriptions sharing why they stand out from the crowd. But getting to that point takes plenty of planning and creativity, and we’re hoping to take you behind the scenes of the process in this month’s entry into the Toggi journal.

Images are probably hands down the most important element of marketing clothing, closely followed by video, and we take two types of photographs – studio shots and lifestyle shots. Studio shots are the ones you’ll find on our website, where a series of images with a neutral background mean you can see every little detail from every angle. Lifestyle photography creates the images you see on your social media feeds, in adverts and on the homepage of our website. It’s images of models with horses and dogs, or someone wandering a gorgeous yard or field somewhere in the countryside!

That’s why smack bang in the middle of the summer (though we must add, not necessarily in the heat and sun you’d normally expect at that time of year!) members of Team Toggi were packing their cars to the roof with stock from our forthcoming Autumn/Winter collection. That stock included brand-new riding leggings and breeches, cosy fleeces and smart base layers that we’ll be sharing with you just as soon as we can. And their destination? Our autumn/winter 23 lifestyle photoshoot, which took place on location in the most stunning venue with some gorgeous equine and human models and, rather unexpectedly, a friendly little mouse! More on that a little later!

You’ve probably heard that modelling isn’t quite as glamorous as some people envisage, and there is a lot involved in getting each new item of clothing shot. There’s setting up the shot, testing the light, positioning the model or models (and in this case, the equine and canine stars too) and then tweaking everything until the photographer declares she or he has ‘the shot!’. A good creative team will also spot extra shots and come up with clever ideas to show off the clothing to its full potential and ensure really eye catching *(and hopefully scroll-stopping) images for our campaigns. There’s always something unexpected that comes up on these days, and for our Autumn Winter shoot, it was an adorable mouse who appeared on a stable door! With a truly adorable little face and a sad little tail that looked as though someone had accidentally shut it in the feed room door, this little cutie became our mascot throughout the shoot. A photoshoot can be a time consuming process but it’s very rewarding when you see the edited shots coming through! Plus, we all have videos of that mouse to remember the day by!

Since then our marketing team has been hard at work writing up descriptions and detailed product information, checking the edited images, sharing the new collection with our stockists, uploading the products to our own website and readying everything for the Autumn/Winter 23 campaign. We’re launching it all on the 1st September, so there’s not long to wait now! We might be biased but we think it’s downright gorgeous and can’t wait to get our hands on it all. What are you hoping to see there? Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you…

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